The Lower St. Anthony Falls project is in commercial operation and is located on the Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis. Nelson Energy joined forces with Brookfield Power who took the lead in the construction of the project. The project provides 65,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricty on an annual basis, enough energy to provide power to 19,000 people. The project is located at the very core of Minnesota's largest electrical demand center, eliminating the need for long transmission lines.

The project eliminates existing carbon emissions equivalent to taking 13,000 automobiles off the road. As a result, Xcel Energy awarded the project a Renewable Energy Grant in September 2004. The grant was one of 8 awarded, out of 100 applications.


The Red Rock Project is located at the largest lake in Iowa which is formed by the Corps of Engineers’ dam on the Des Moines River near Pella, Iowa. The project will utilize two vertical Kaplan turbines with a head of 55-feet to provide 36 MW of renewable energy. This project will provide over 150 million kWh of carbon free renewable energy per year.

In 2011 Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) purchased the development rights to the Red Rock project. MRES is a joint municipal action agency that provides power to 60 municipal utilities in the Upper Midwest. MRES is managing the project through construction with an on line date in late 2015. Nelson Energy retains an interest in the project and serves in an advisory role to MRES.


The Tygart Project is located near Grafton, West Virginia. The original construction of the Corps of Engineers’ Tygart Dam in 1936 included provision for hydropower which was never installed. The project will use one the two unused penstocks to provide water to two Kaplan turbines. Nelson Energy has joined forces with Advanced Hydro Solutions (AHS). AHS is taking the lead in the development process for this 29 MW project.


In 2007, Nelson Energy began development of the hydroelectric potential at three existing Corps of Engineers' dams in Louisiana. This total 92 MW of new capacity has an estimated cost of over $400 million. License applications for the three projects have been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and all licensing and environmental studies have been completed. The three projects are located within an 84 mile long reach of the Red River and their similarities in configuration will provide significant economies of scale in both construction and operation.


The L&D No. 3 Project is located on the Red River at Colfax, Louisiana. This Corps of Engineers navigation project was completed in the early 1990’s and has a head of 31 feet. The development would utilize a bulb turbine unit located in an abutment area of the dam to produce 36 MW of energy.

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(LOCK & DAM NO. 4)

Completed in 1994 this Lock & Dam is located on the Red River in Louisiana. With over 25 feet of head and a median stream flow of over 20,000 cfs this site has the potential to produce 28 MW of energy and 138,000 MWH of power annually.

(LOCK & DAM NO. 5)

This project is located on the Red River in Louisiana seventeen miles downstream from Shreveport. The project has a maximum head of 25 feet. The proposed development plan includes installation of a double regulated bulb turbine unit in a powerhouse constructed the east abutment area. This unit will develop 28 MW of power, and 138,000 MWH of power annually under full head and flow.

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